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Student and Graduate Job Listings

Direct Employer

  • per opportunity
  • $65 +GST to post your opportunity to a single University
  • $180 +GST to post your opportunity to 3-8 Universities

* convenience fee applies

Recruitment Agency

  • per opportunity
  • $150 +GST to post your opportunity to a single University
  • $400 +GST to post your opportunity to 3-8 Universities

Volunteer organisations (charities and not-for-profit) registered on the NZ Charities Register can advertise free of charge.

Internships and Scholarships       

Internships offer a great opportunity to create a pipeline of quality candidates for entry-level roles, allowing employers to select and train future employees. Gain direct access to fresh talent by listing your internship roles here free of charge.

Qualification criteria for internships
  • You are the employer (free listings not available to 3rd parties)
  • The position is temporary/short-term
  • Duration of the contract is clearly stated
  • Target audience is students or fresh graduates with limited industry experience
  • A structured work experience relating to student’s area of study
  • Clearly indicates the proposed roles and responsibilities
  • Part time if required to work during trimester dates (applies to current students only)
  • Includes details of supervision and support which will be provided
  • The role is a paid position.

Scholarships can be listed at no cost.

Please contact us before listing an internship or a scholarship advertisement to ensure the listing is free of charge.

Create your Employer Profile

Taking out an NZUni Talent package is a great way to maximise your recruitment advertising spend. For a limited time, we are offering packages for 2022 which allow you to save on the standard cost of an employer profile and job listings. Contact us for more info.

Annual Profile Package
  • Includes 1 FREE listing
Example employer profile listing

Listing an employer profile on NZUni Talent is a great way to raise your profile among New Zealand university students and graduates. With an employer profile you can:

  • Have a presence on the platform even when you don’t have any live vacancies.
  • Have your brand front of mind with students all year long.
  • Enhance the quality and relevance of your applications.
  • Include details of your vacancies, campus events and key recruitment deadlines.
  • Inspire prospective candidates by creating a detailed snapshot of your business, it’s culture and what its like to work there.
  • Link to your website, careers page or social media platforms.
  • Add your own video content.

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