NZUni Talent is the only job board with direct access to university students and graduates in Aotearoa
Campus 9
NZUni Talent is the only job board with direct access to university students and graduates in Aotearoa
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NZUni Talent is the only job board with direct access to university students and graduates in Aotearoa

Advertise your study related job opportunities and raise brand awareness amongst a captive audience of early talent within established University employability sites.

Known and used by thousands of students daily, the platform offers a truly targeted approach to connecting with students.

List your graduate vacancies, internships, volunteering opportunities or entry level roles quickly and easily via the centralised platform and access students and graduates across all eight New Zealand universities simultaneously.

“This is an easy platform to use. It allows us to advertise broadly across various universities, locations and areas of study, or to be more targeted to a specific location or field of interest.”

Janene Sullivan

Recruitment Advisor, Wise Management Services

“It provides a great space for the advertising of volunteer roles.”

Glenda Martin

Outreach Coordinator, Volunteering Canterbury

“It’s a great way to get visibility for our positions and a good volume of applicants.”

Rachel Russ

Graduate Coordinator, Transpower Limited

“The key benefits of advertising on the platform is that we reach students we may not have otherwise. Having a large platform that feeds into our applications has been incredibly beneficial. It is awesome to see how many students reference the site as their source of finding us. The more students we reach the better, and the platform has certainly helped us with engagement.”

Jess Baker

People & Culture Coordinator, Holmes Consulting LP

“It has provided an essential platform for us to communicate with students, with the luxury of being able to segment campaigns in terms of course and year group. Being able to provide an event registration platform makes our job much easier.”

Rick Jones

Business Development Manager, New Zealand, CPA Australia

“It is extremely vital for The (JET) Programme to be able to target graduates of high calibre. This platform ensures that this programme continues to be held in high regard.”

Consular Office of Japan

“It is a great platform, and can often be the first port of call for students when looking for a role. They are fantastic to deal with; prompt, engaging, and very helpful!”

Rose Ritchie

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Graduate Programme, Chapman Tripp

How it works

  1. Register your organisation
  2. Add your listing
  3. Target areas of study/universities
  4. Publish

What happens next?

  • Once your advertisement is sent to NZUni Talent, you will receive notification that it has been published on the relevant career services’ sites.
  • You can preview your advertisements within the employer dashboard.
  • Students/graduates access your published information easily on their University careers and jobs website.
  • Once you are registered, all your employer information is available centrally to each of the eight University careers services – there is no need to update each University.
  • If there are any changes in your details, you can manage them all centrally through NZUni Talent.

Connecting with University careers services staff will ensure your message reaches the right audience and that you build a strong, consistent employer profile. 

Get in touch with your university contacts to book employer events and expos and further promote your opportunities.